About Us

Cheat-Checker.com was the idea of the founders of the company while performing expert witness testimony and analysis for many clients. It became obvious that while some clients could afford details, painstaking analysis there was also a need for a way to detect suspicious activity easily, quickly and affordably on digital devices. In order to meet that need we began creating tools that could be used by analysts and investigators onsite and in the lab to quickly find evidence.

Why Choose Us

We are a technology company that providing software solutions for couples or partners who are facing challenges related to infidelity, deception, or trust issues. We understand that these issues can be sensitive and emotional, and we are committed to providing a discreet and confidential service that respects the privacy and dignity of all parties involved.

Expert witness

Expert witness testimony is often relied upon in court to help judges and juries better understand about your relationship issues that are central to a case, and to assist them in making informed decisions based on the evidence presented.

Detect suspicious

Detecting suspicious activity refers to the process of identifying behavior, actions or transactions that deviate from our design patterns, and that may indicate potential criminal or fraudulent activity.

Analysts and investigators

Analysts and investigators onsite are tools that are designed to collect and analyze data, evidence, and information at the location where an incident or event has occurred.