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We are not lawyers and can’t give legal advice, however, we feel if you have a right to access and download a phone bill, we see no reason why you would not have the right to scan that phone bill for signs of an unfaithful partner. We believe this logic also applies to a computer, in our opinion if you have the right to access a computer then it is reasonable to assume you also have the right to scan it to see if it is being used in a suspicious way. Because the laws vary from state to state and can be very complex we do recommend that you contact an attorney if you’re unsure of your rights. If your currently involved in a legal case or dispute with a partner or spouse there may likely additional reasons you should get a lawyer involved.

Our analysts at cheat checker are constantly analyzing the internet and scraping data from sites that have know prostituted, escorts and other suspicious sites. That data is stored in a database on our servers. We then provide software that can check to see if there is indication of that data on a device or on a phone bill or internet log. This means Cheat checker can work in one of two ways, the first way is that it can checking phone records to see if any phone numbers on that phone record are present in our databases. The other is checking the internet history of a device such as a laptop of desktop computer.

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there are no hidden fee’s, the fee is the same whether or not we are able to find suspicious data or not. There is a fee for a scan of a phone record and there is a separate fee to using our computer scanner. The fee for the computer scanner is per each 3 computer scans that are completed. You would have to pay a new fee if you intend to do more than three scans. Continuously scanning the internet and capturing and updating our databases is a expensive endeavor and that is what leads to the pricing and need to charge on a per scan basis.

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